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Aviation Medical

On August 8th, Presidential Leasing delivers the first and only Air Ambulance to the NAC of Indonesia, The Aircraft is to serve the great nation of 17,508 islands with 250 million people by flying to the various remote territories and flying patients in need of medical care back to the main cities with better facilities and hospitals.

 This project started as a result of the future advancement planning of a great man, Mr. Jusuf Kalla, the chairman of Indonesia Red Cross Society and Indonesia Vice President, and the Contract was awarded to Presidential Leasing of Canada by NAC of Indonesia.

Presidential Leasing started the project by Purchasing a Lear 31A-213 (Registration: PR-MVF) from Brazil with the great assistance of the Brazilian’s Bombardier Representative, LiderAviacao which was later sold and delivered to Indonesia in a mere of few months.


 The Aircraft was initially imported to the United States from Brazil due to the ease of having it privately registered and operated while the Aircraft was undergoing the above modifications, Phase 1-4 inspection and also the time efficiency of receiving the Export C of A to Indonesia.

Thereafter, The Aircraft was flown to the Canada via United States; Presidential Leasing with help of GAT equipped the Aircraft with a BIO-MED Manufactured voyager Transport Incubator with X2 monitor and NELLCOR SPO2, IBP, TEMP, 3-lead ECG, NEONTAL NIBP, Infant breathing Circuit, MED-PAC 400 Stretcher system, 3300 liter Medical Oxygen system with remote fill ports, Vacuum System 10.7 Lpm @ 15 inches Hg, Medical Air System 18.2 Lpm @ 50 psi, 28 VDC Electrical System, 110/220 CAV – 500 Warr Electrical System with outlets, Control Panel with Circuit Breakers and also a BOMIMED T1 HAMILTON Ventilation system with internal turbine transducer that could supply invasive and non-invasive oxygen to the patients in case of an aircraft cabin depressurization.

The Aircraft was later on Imported to Indonesia under the registration mark of PK-JKI and named Mufida. She is now saving lives every day by taking patients in need of health care to the main cities where proper care can be provided to them.

Special Thanks from Presidential Leasing team goes to:

Andrew & Associates @ SkyPlan
Mr. Ochoa @ FAA – Miami International Field Officer
Woody Cotner& Associates@ Global Aviation Technologies
Nick Madones @ Presidential Air
Sam Sciscione& Associates@ Executive Advisors
Elizabeth H. & Associates @ MedPac
Sam K. & Associates @BomiMed
Collin M. & Associates @ BioMedical International
Mr. Guntur & Associates @ NAC Nusantara Air Charter

And many more professionals who made this project happen with their hard work!